May 22 On 2GB + TV Week + Today Show

Had a tonne of questions on the show, plus a really interesting conversation with Ashley Fontana, a 25-year-old Aussie who is part of a start-up in Silicon Valley in California. He is the co-founder of start up Top Guest, which works with the check-in app on Facebook that updates loyalty programme points automatically when you fly or check in a hotel.

Spoke with Lisa on the Today Show about what can happen when you jail break your iPhone or Android phone. Basically, I wouldn’t do it. A lot of super techie people would disagree, but the average person doesn’t know what they are getting themselves into when jailbreaking. You can invite a virus, which means you might lose all your data. And that could be the start because another problem is that once it is jail broken all warranties are void.

In TV Week we looked at the Jawbone ERA, which I also showcased on the radio show a week ago. I love this product as it really cuts out the noise when your