Life & Technology on 2GB 27th April

Want to capture your pc screen as a video or an image, you will find some great resouces on this site. Some of the programs listed are only free for teachers, but there are plenty of resources and reviews on each one – Click Here

We also discussed a great printer solution for anyon wanting to scan, scan business card, print photos called the Canon MX range, prices start at $119.

We also talked about the new Samsung Galaxy S4, read a review on – Click Here

Finally, I promised to link to a great resource on how to create and manage your password for a safer online life. There is a great summary on the \’MakeUseOf\’ website on how to not only create them, but to ensure you don\’t forget them either – Click Here

If you want to listen to the show again, you may use this link to listen to our podcast.