Life & Technology – 2GB May 4th


Today on Life & Technology radio show on 2GB Charlie talked with LG’s Category Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment Ryan Hodder to discussed a few things about the company’s latest range of smart televisions including their curved OLED unit as well as cheaper models of its Ultra HD TVs. Ryan suggested the 32inch thin beazle model – LA6620 for our listener Stephen.

During the discussion, they talked about a few things about the curved OLED TV including its size and the technology that allowed the screen to be bent. They also talked about LG’s affordable Ultra high-definition televisions specifically its price and availability.

Another topic discussed during the show was Telstra’s new data alert system that is aimed at preventing Bill shock on mobile phone while oversees. For this reason, Charlie invited Ingrid Just, State Media Manager for Telstra. Ingrid Just talked about how these new alerts work in practical terms, its price as well as some information on how the service was developed.

We also discussed the Sony eBook, Google Glasses, up coming Microsoft Surface Pro and more.

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