Life & Technology – 2GB June 8th


Today on Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB, we talked about Intel and their latest generation of processors. In the show today, we have Kamil Gurgen, Distribution Business and Chief Technical Manager for Intel ANZ.  Gurgen discussed Intel’s new Core processors, when they’ll hit Australia and the type of devices that will use these components. Kamil Gurgen also explained how this new batch of processors will offer more power savings for PC, longer battery life, improved performance and how they will affect the Ultrabook market.


Also on the show today is Shioupyn Chen from Cloudmosa to talk about the Puffin app and how it is able to offer Adobe Flash support on iPads and other Apple products. Lastly, Charlie answered some questions sent to us last week about a smartphone that helps people with long fingernails SMS with ease, and some solutions to an email query about being able to get books for those with mental disabilities. Check out the Puffin App here – Click Here


If you missed the show, you can use this link to listen to the podcast.