Life & Technology – 2GB June 1st

Last Saturday on Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB, Charlie spoke with Authenticate It CEO and founder Gennady Volchek about the software they developed that allows retailers and vicariously, consumers to track and trace products through the supply chain to prevent grey importing, counterfeiting nd unauthorised distribution of products.

Specifically, their discussion would revolve around where the idea of Authenticate it come from, the apps inner mechanics, the cost of downloading the app and other pertinent items related to counterfeiting and how to combat it.

Also on the show is Emmanuele Silanesu from Microsoft Australia’s Windows Division. She will talk about the new Windows Surface Pro tablet and how it is positioned in the market. Specific topics discussed by Emmanuele include the main difference of the Surface pro with other tablets, the target consumer group of the device, the Surface Pro’s standout features, its keyboard accessories and of course its availability and cost.

Last but definitely not the least, Charlie answered some questions coming from the show’s Twitter and email channels.

In case you missed the show last Saturday, here\’s the link to the podcast.