Life & Technology – 2GB July 20th


In this week’s edition of the Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB, Charlie talked with Tyler McGee from Samsung about the company’s latest range of Galaxy Tab 3 tablets that are now available in the market.


Also on the show today is Craig Anderson, Director of Shark Attack Mitigation Systems. Craig talked about the new wetsuits that the agency is currently developing that will help prevent shark attack on surfers. He will go into detail on how the technology works and when it will be ready for release. Specifically, he will talk about the specifics of the wetsuit and will provide details on the testing process involved in its development as well as its price.


And as always, Charlie took some questions from the show’s listeners and Twitter followers.


For those who missed the show, here's the link to our weekly podcast.




There was a query about putting a DVD onto an iPad. There are two programs you will need. One which gets the DVD off the DVD, and the second which encodes it. This first is 1 Click Copy while the second program that will convert the file is called Handbrake.


Tony wanted to take all his files off his wife’s computer but then wanted to make sure that nobody else could access them once they threw the computer away. Windows has a software program called Sync Toy which will mirror the hard drive from one computer to the next. Then I would take the drive outside and destroy it by taking a hammer to it, or drilling a whole through it.


Tony also asked that if he deleted items he had bought from iTunes from his iPad would they be lost forever. The answer is no. They will stay in your "Purchased Items" in your iTunes account and you can download them again at a later date.


If you want to manage your e-books, then Calibre is the program you need – it’s free and works a treat.