Life and Technology – 2GB July 27th


Today on Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, we talked about Nokia’s latest smartphone the Lumia 925 and about household appliances and AV products and how vulnerable they are to hacking.


Our first guest is Steve Lewis who is the Managing Director for Nokia Australia. Lewis primarily discussed the features of the Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone specifically its qualities that make it stand out from the competition as well as the new features of the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. He also talked about which carriers will have the Lumia 925 and how much the phone will cost outright.


Also on the show today is Kevin Mitnick, CEO of Mitnick Security Consulting and author of Ghost in the Wires. Charlie and Kevin will talk about the future of appliances and AV products and what kind of security risks they offer.


Charlie also answered some questions from our loyal listeners and twitter followers.


For those who missed the show, you can use this link to listen to our weekly podcast.