Life & Technology – 2GB 9th Dec, 2023

Guard Your Business: FREE Cybersecurity Check and Expert Support!

During the week I received an email from ‘Jan’ (not her real name) who has a small business, who has lost access to her Facebook account. The service was used to post product information and offers to potential customers, and engage with customers in a convenient way. Jan had spent some money to promote her page and build its presence. 

Sadly, the page access was stolen by a hacker and now cant get it back. Spending hours and hours of her time going through the Facebook templated suggestions on the Facebook page has not lead to a favourable result. Jan cant use her Facebook page (or her Instagram page) and this is affecting her business. 

There is little i can do to help Jan, but there is something Jan could have done to help her before this issue occured and that is where I come back to the below offer from Harvey Norman Technology For Business. Their free assessment would have identified potential holes in the cyber security processes used by Jan and then their subscription offers would have closed them!  

An exclusive promotion is on offer for our readers – the first 50 businesses to visit the landing page will receive a free cybersecurity assessment based on the government framework – normally valued at $500. 


A Merry Christmas With G-mee Devices

 – Now Safer For Summer with Free Dust/Water Resistant Pouch!! 

Its Christmas and as a special gift with purchase, every G-mee device shipped through our online store will include a free Water/Dust Resistant case. This means your G-mee device can be used safely in more environments, like around the pool or where there is lots of dust! 

One thing I was thinking about when putting together this offer, was all the miners around Australia who use our G-mee Play Pro when they are away from home working their FIFO shifts. We hear from them regularly about how their Play Pro lets them listen to their music, message their families, watch their movies and more, while away working at the mines. I never realised when I was making G-mee devices that their are so many places people work that dont allow cameras and don’t allow phones, but offer wifi to their teams. This free Pouch is perfect for protecting your G-mee Play Pro.

The G-mee touch screen can be used while in the safety pouch and the pouch can hang around your neck for convenience. 

Each device sold through the store will automatically be delivered bundled with the Dust/Water resistant pouch as a free inclusion. See the G-mee range at the store.

Guests and Topics on the Show
We talk about robots a lot in the show and today we talked to some high-tech, highly functional robots. Advanced Navigation recently opened their UTS Lab – the facility will scale up the manufacturing of Advanced Navigation’s world-first AI navigation systems. We invited Karl Griggs, Head of Production at Advanced Navigation to talk about more of this facility.  Advanced Navigation has unveiled a new high-tech robotics facility for autonomous systems based at UTS Tech Lab in Botany, New South Wales. Advanced Navigation is one of only four companies in the world with the capability to manufacturer this strategic-grade navigation technologyCompleting your Christmas shopping? Mitchell Whitaker, Director from Harvey Norman Newcastle joined us this week and shared some exciting deals you can get from Harvey Norman. 

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