Life & Technology – 2GB 2nd Dec, 2023

Guard Your Business: FREE Cybersecurity Check and Expert Support!

Do you own a small business? Read on.

A listener with a Small Business emailed this week asking about internet security software. The interesting part of the question was the confirmation – 

‘We run a small business and I deal with sensitive client information..’

The second part of the above detail is the bit that is most of interest. Business in Australia are going to be made to take a measured and organised approach to managing client information. For many years the focus has been on consumers not getting hacked or stolen from by Cyber Criminals. This is still important, but the focus is switching to businesses. Following breaches at large companies like Latitude Finance and Medibank, the Australian government is looking at changing legislation. These changes will be focused on big business first, but will also affect Small to Medium business in a targeted way. This is going to be part of your business in the months and years ahead, so my wish is that you start thinking about it now. 

This is why we created the opportunity for Small Business to get a free cybersecurity assessment through our Program Sponsor, Harvey Norman Technology For Business.

The first 50 businesses to visit the website will receive a FREE cybersecurity assessment based on the government framework.

This assessment, usually valued at $500, is complimentary for you. If you’re eager to know how to guard your business online, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this offer. Let Harvey Norman take care of your IT Department needs.


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