Life & Technology – 2GB 8th Jul, 2023

Relax, you won’t lose photos from your iPhone 

If you receive an email with this subject line, you won’t have to worry. Rest assured, that email is not a scam, and there’s no need to worry.

Your photos are completely safe and not at any risk. Previously, Apple offered a service called “My Photo Stream” that automatically synced the last month’s worth of photos (up to 1,000) across all your Apple devices logged in with your AppleID.

It was particularly convenient for iPhone users who could easily access recent pictures on their iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. However, Apple has discontinued this service as it was not a core feature and providing it for free incurred costs for Apple.

Many users may not have even been aware that this service existed. If you were someone who made use of My Photo Stream, don’t fret! There is a fantastic alternative available: Google Photos. It offers similar functionality and can serve as a great replacement for managing your photos.  
Bluetooth tracker tags – seek, and you shall find (guide)

You Have Heard Of Airtags, These Are The Best Options For Android Bluetooth Tracker tag makers claim it can find things worldwide. Yes and no.

In Apple’s case, it owns the ‘walled garden’ and can potentially turn every iPhone into a tracker locator – Shared or Community Tracking.

If someone with an iPhone and the AirTag App is close to your tracker tag, it can broadcast that location information back to Apple and your AirTag App. Reports suggest that the number of AirTags worldwide is around 55-60 million.

These start at $49. Android has no one ubiquitous tracking system, so it relies on other phone owners using the same tracker brand.

These brands include Tile, Chipolo, MyTag, resQR, Jiobit, and, recently, Samsung Galaxy SmartThings Tag.Update: Google has announced it will be working with Tile and other third-party devices on a ubiquitous Find My Device feature that will anonymously leverage billions of Android devices around the world to help you track down lost or stolen items, even when they’re offline. There is no date for the new functionality except to say ‘soon’. 

Guests and Topics on the Show 

This week we invited Jason Carrick ,  Sales General Manager from TCL Australia who shared their amazing TVs for 2023 specifically the C745 and C845.  

The C845’s full array backlight provides exceptional dimming precision thanks to thousands of miniature LEDs, reducing halo effect and increasing picture quality compared to traditional edge-lit backlights. Its high peak brightness of 2000 nits makes for an excellent HDR experience with huge dynamic range that makes compatible content spring to life. Its high contrast ratio means darker blacks and brighter whites.
The C745 provides a quality Q-led screen with vivid colours, clear contrast, and excellent brightness. TCL’s display technology provides a high 144-hertz variable refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification, making it an excellent platform for both PC and console gaming. 

On June 1st, NBN announced the Sky Muster Plus Premium offering providing more options to consumers. We invited Gavin Williams Chief Development Officer from NBN to talk more about this in detail. The new plan, named nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium, is the latest step in the evolution of the nbn satellite
network and adds to the suite of existing nbn Sky Muster Plus plans.

Key features of the new plan include:
• Uncapped Data Usage*: users no longer need to worry about managing a monthly data usage allowance.
• Capability to Burst Faster: for the first time our 25/5Mbps wholesale plan can offer burst download speeds of
up to 100Mbps#^ enabling users to enjoy higher-quality online experiences, from learning and working at
home to connecting with their communities and loved ones.
• Lower nbn wholesale pricing&
: making it even more accessible to people in regional and rural Australia. 

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