Life & Technology – 2GB 1st Jul, 2023

Tax Scams – how to protect yourself 

Tax scams are rife as tax time rolls. From July onwards, the tax scammers try to extract money from you. Often, tax scammers will pretend to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).They use a variety of emotional and socially engineered appeals. You lied about income, made fraudulent claims; owe money; or that the ATO owes you money; and you must update your details to receive it. 

Scammers have turned to social media accounts to impersonate the ATO. Don’t trust networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Most of these aim to trick users into thinking these accounts are legitimate. 

Other protection
Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate can help keep you protected from scams this tax season: 
– Be warned of websites and links that are potentially dangerous before clicking on them
– Shop and bank online safely via an isolated browser that prevents unsecure connections
– Run a scan on your social accounts to alert you of any privacy risks
– Scans for fraudulent emails and warns you if it detects something suspicious  

Guests and Topics on the Show This week we invited Dr. Lyle Roberts Head of Photonics from Advanced Navigation who discussed about the $5.2M funding that was awarded to them by the Australian Space Agency. 

Catch more of this on our next Cybershack TV episode next week, July 8th.   

The Australian Space Agency announced today AI and robotics leader Advanced Navigation has been awarded $5.2 Million in funding, supported by the Moon to Mars Initiative: Demonstrator Mission Grant

The Grant will support Advanced Navigation in being the first Australian company to reach the Moon with NASA, as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.Advanced Navigation will deliver technology to enable new applications for the Intuitive Machines Hopper vehicles, as they explore never-before-seen areas of the Moon, including lava tubes and craters. 
We also invited Dr. Richard Corkish Chief Operating Officer Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics who discussed about the sustainability principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ should be applied to the end-of-life management of all PV modules.  

In Australia, solar power is one of the country’s leading renewable energy sources with rooftop solar PV installed in more than 3.3 million homes.Sadly, approximately 90 per cent of these systems might ultimately end up in landfill once they need to be replaced.


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