Life & Technology – 2GB: 8 March, 2014

This week we’re exploring new spaces in the internet’s ever extending reach, we’ll be talking about the connected home through robot vacuum cleaners and the connected car through interactive dashboards that allow you to use all your favourite apps while you’re on the road. I’ll also chat to google to find out what exactly a chrome book is. 


There’s one space in technology that’s becoming more and more important and you might not even realise it. You’ve probably heard of the connected home, well now the connected car is an area in which a lot of investment is being poured into. Apple has just launched CarPlay which allows you to use your iPhone on your car dashboard, including maps, apps and calls. It’s a potential game changer not just for convenience purposes but also for advertising dollars.


Pioneer have been stalwarts in this space for decades, so we chatted to Daniele Mariani, Pioneer's Car Audio Product Marketing Manager to find out how they are changing the dashboard into an interactive centre.


Laptops have been some of the most popular personal computing devices for over two decades but now there is a change underway, you may have heard of ultra-books – basically super-powered  laptops, now there is a new form of laptop in store and google is leading the charge with a web based computer experience called Chrome book. Shane Treeves from Google tells us what you need to know.


Robots aren’t just the stuff of sci-fi anymore and one area that they are becoming more and more common is in the domestic space. Vacuum cleaners in particular are becoming more efficient as independently controlled robots that can clean your floor while you’re out of the house. LG has been a leader in driving innovation out of domestic appliances, LG's Marketing manager of Home appliances, tells us about what they have in the works. 


We discussed a great new product from Sandisk that will enhance your tablet experience – Read our review on


Finally, I got the chance to answer a couple of your emails on air. 


Clint Baker from Eastwood



Q) Is it worth getting a OLED TV? With not too much content available at the moment? Will ps4 be any clearer or later with software updates?


A) As with all brand new technology it’s probably best to hold out for a while with OLED, the prices will drop substantially over the next year and more content will also come out. Your PS4 will definitely be clearer than HD but ''m not sure thats worth it just yet.


Sally Sweeney from NSW



Q) Hi Charlie, If we are accessing only secure sites on our smartphone (i.e all https ones showing a padlock) is it necessary to have antivirus or internet security for those sites?


The lock that you see on your browser really refers to the fact that that site is considered safe for things like personal banking, it is not an anti-virus icon. Even if you are only accessing sites that the phone believes is safe, it’s still a good idea to invest in some smartphone anti-virus software.