Life & Technology – 2GB 1st of March, 2014

It’s a big week this week in the tech world with Mobile world congress kicking off in Barcelona, showcasing all the biggest and best things in the smartphone industry. In this week’s special coverage we will chat about some of the most exiting highlights to come out of Barcelona. Plus we’ll be continuing our series on innovation, by looking into how you can fund your own great ideas over the internet.

First, here’s what I thought were the top 5 announcements at Mobile World Congress.


5) Nokia unveils android powered phones

4) Samsung Launches the Galaxy S5

3) Super-Secure Blackphone

2) What’s App to start offering voice calls

1) Sony announces new Xperia X2


While you might think that Mobile world congress is all about the handsets, mobile security is a big theme at this year’s conference. Many argue that the smartphone and tablet world is the next frontier of cyber security. Tim Falinksi from Trend Micro told us why.


Click here for more information on the Trend Micro Mobile Security App


Last week we looked at how you can start your own App with the guys from appster, this week were continuing our series on innovation by looking at how you can fund your great ideas through the internet. I chatted to Rick Chen, the Co-founder of Australian Crowd funding site Pozible, he told us what crowd funding is and how you can do it.


If you’ve got a great idea and want to get it funded, get in touch with Rick at


Finally, we had questions from some of our listeners, Tracy Knights from Thornleigh, you asked about the best tablet to buy for travel or leisure  that had the following features.


  • Can attach a keyboard 
  • Is pretty lightweight
  • Can connect to the internet via an usb dongle
  • 10" screen
  • I can buy a waterproof protective cover for it.
  • Doesn't cost a bomb (my limit would be $500, and even that's too much in my opinion)


My recommendations are:

The Google Nexus 10 – more premium tablet

$469 for 16GB of memory

Keyboard attachment from Amazon

runs on a Google Chrome OS and not Windows.


ASUS Vivo Tab

Windows 8 OS

$423 for 64 GB

10" HD touch screen

Micro USB port

Powerful core processor


Samsung Tab 3 10.1"

$367 for 16GB of memory

In stores at Harvey Norman

Huge Range of keyboard attachments and covers

Android operating system


If you want to connect any tablet to the internet via a USB dongle, you will need a converter .


Barry Walker from Penrith, you asked:


Hi Charlie, I have a website directory business and one of my members brought it to my attention and later some others that they cannot pick everything up on my website (All Features) when using their Ipad or mobile Phone. What can be done about this? 


Barry, here are my suggestions

  • Simplify the website so the layout is more compatible – single column layout
  • Make sure plug-ins are compatible for mobile – flash for example sometimes isn't
  • Consult a web developer to optimize your site for a mobile device
  • Check out to see a preview of what your website looks like on a mobile device