Life & Technology – 2GB 7th Oct, 2023

Does insurance cover a lithium-ion battery fire? Maybe and probably not

If you have a Lithium-ion battery fire, does your home and contents fire insurance cover it? We have attempted to find simple English answers – yes or no – but at best, all we get is a maybe.

The average home now is littered with rechargeable lithium-ion powered devices. Laptops, phones, tablets, headphones, torches, toys, vacuums, power tools, e-scooters, e-bikes, EVs, solar batteries and even vapes! Earlier this year, we wrote that Large-capacity Lithium-ion batteries will end in death. It attracted much reader interest, and one of the most asked questions was about insurance coverage.

So, let’s start at the root of the issue. No one knows for sure what is and what is not covered. There are insufficient Australian statistics to develop a risk profile that insurers can use to develop policies and set premiums. All they can say is that certain Lithium-ion devices won’t be covered for home and contents fire protection or it will be a case-by-case decision and a very much higher premium.


Guests and Topics on the Show
Sound United who carries the Denon brand has recently launched an extraordinary earbuds that analyzes your ear and personalizes it to suit you better.  We invited Adam Prangell Product Manager from Sound United who talked about this technology.  

One sound doesn’t fit all. The Denon PerL Pro earbuds combine Denon’s audio expertise with a unique audio technology that adapts to how YOU hear. These one of a kind earbuds automatically measure your hearing and create a tailored profile that ensures your music is perfectly tuned to YOU.

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This week we’ve seen reports of iPhone 15 over heating and a software update to hopefully fix the issue. Mike Boyd, our in-house ‘Apple expert’ joined us this week to shed some light on this concern.  

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