Life & Technology – 2GB 30th January, 2021

This week we invited Angus Jones, Business Director and Website Founder of SBA (Small Business Answers) on to the show to discuss about his new venture. 

According to their website: 

Small Business Answers is the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of starting or running a small business.

Small Business Answers is an outcome-focused website specifically designed to help Australian Small Business owners succeed. We appreciate that you’d rather be spending time on building your business than searching for things online, so we’re committed to delivering practical, grounded and always useful guides to solving specific challenges or creating new opportunities.

We also had Edwina Griffin, Founder of AtOne App. Eddy shared this immersive meditation app with the use of Virtual Reality. 

The AtOne Technology enables you to customise your meditation experiences with choices of scenery, music, meditation and scents to transport you into a world of bliss and relaxation. 

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AtOne user relaxing and meditating at work