Life & Technology – 2GB 06th February, 2021

This week we invited  Lucy Martyn, General Manager, Global Communications of Breville on to the show to discuss about The Food Cycler.

Cut down on your waste without a worry. Using only one kilowatt per eight-hour cycle – equivalent to boiling the kettle and quieter than a dishwasher, you can go from two litres of food scraps to 0.34 litres of EcoChips.

Watch our full feature of the Food Cycler here.

We also had Michael Ackland, Telstra Group Executive of Consumer and Small Business. Michael shared how your old phones can worth a small fortune.

Telstra have partnered with Kingfisher Mobile Australia to make trading-in eligible old and out-of-contract devices easier, while also ensuring consumers get the best in market price. Old devices are then reconditioned, resold and recycled rather than ending up as e-waste. 

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