Life & Technology – 2GB 23rd October, 2021

This week we invited Mike Boyd, CEO, Founder from Contact Light. Mike discussed the event highlights from Apple, Google and Samsung. 

Apple’s Unleashed event

Apple revealed a brand-new set of MacBook Pros, available in 14-inch and 16-inch models. The Touch Bar is gone, replaced with a full-size function row. Many ports are back; there’s an HDMI port, three Thunderbolt ports, an SD card slot, a headphone jack, and the return of the MagSafe charger. The 14-inch model starts at USD1,999, while the 16-inch model starts at USD2,499. They will be available to preorder Monday ahead of availability next week.

Google’s Pixel 6 event

After months of leaks, we got the full details on Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones — the Pixel 6 will sell for AUD999 and the Pixel 6 Pro starts at AUD1299. Both will feature Google’s Tensor processor and a 50-megapixel camera (which bins images down to 12.5-megapixels during processing). The phones also feature an ultra-wide camera, and the Pro adds a telephoto camera and gives the selfie camera an upgrade with a wider lens and higher-resolution sensor. The Pro model is also physically larger, but it’s not a massive difference.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition: You can now customize the look of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone announced just two months ago. The Bespoke Edition of the Flip 3 lets you pick specific colors for the front and back panels; you also get to choose between a black and silver frame. All told, there are 49 different color combinations, with your phone made-to-order as soon as you configure it.
The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition costs USD1,099, a USD100 premium over the cost of the standard Flip.

Also on the show was Rod Bassi Oceanic Sales Director from AcerRod shared their latest Aspire Vero which is considered a green PC. 

Make your green mark with the Aspire Vero. Thoughtfully designed to adapt to the planet’s needs, we use 30% PCR1 plastic in the chassis saving around 21% in CO2 emissions.2 Further your eco goals with easy disassembling, perfect for quick repairs, upgrades, and recycling.

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