Life & Technology – 2GB 16th October, 2021

On the show this week was Sean Fletcher, Marketing Manager TP-Link Australia. Sean discussed about the Deco X20 range and what model suits your setup well.

Watch our CyberShack TV segment of the Deco X20 here. 

The Deco X20 range consists of three models of whole-home mesh Wi-Fi 6 products. There is the Deco X20, a Deco X20-DSL model for DSL connections and the Deco X20-4G which only requires a SIM card to provide internet.  

Need a DSL Modem Router? Then the Deco X20-DSL is the right fit.  

Need a router only for your connection? The Deco X20 has you covered.  

No connection or need to take your network with you? The Deco X20-4G could be the one for you, all you need is to plug in your SIM card to enjoy high-speed internet instantly. 

All Decos work together to form a mesh Wi-Fi network. Now you have your first Deco connected let’s look at how you can expand this network throughout your whole home. 

This is the X90 TP-Link solution i am using at the moment. We have about 30 devices connected, in a family of 5 that use a lot of data each month and often all at the same time. It was a great part of our home digital solution during the recent Sydney lock down.

Also on the show was Nicola Dow-Smith, Regional Director Australia and New Zealand from CricutThis is some pretty interesting tech that is making crafting even cooler. Unleash your creativity and start those long overdue projects. 

Contemplating on what to buy? We featured some of the Cricut products here.

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