Life & Technology – 2GB 17th Jun, 2023

Five tips for choosing a cordless power mop (2023 update guide) 

A cordless power mop is just like a hand-held one, but a water system and mopping motor replace your effort. It does the work for you. 

A cordless power mop should comprise:
– A light and easy-to-use handle with simple, well-identified waterproof controls
– Rotating mop disk or roller (or two) or static pad on the bottom of the handle
– A system to both mop and wick water and detritus off the cleaned surface
– Clean water reservoir to wet the roller
– Dirty water reservoir to collect used mop water
– A rechargeable battery – needs to be near a power point
– Stand and cleaning tray and access to a sink for disposing of dirty water and cleaning rollers
– Optionally steam, but that is dangerous to many hard floor surfaces 


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