Life & Technology – 2GB 16th April, 2022

On the show this week, we invited Rob Miravet, Director from Solar ACDC

Miravet’s solar powered pool heater has been launched just in time for winter, where it will save pool owners $4-6,000 or more each year in heating costs while also saving the environment. Similarly priced to other pool heating systems to install, the solar powered pool heater manufactured by Solar AC DC can cost nothing to run once it is connected.

“Even if 10% of Australia’s 1 million pools started using this new method – $400 million dollars would be saved each year in pool heating costs, and that’s a very conservative saving – it can sometimes be more. Pool owners will be over the moon because one of their most expensive assets will get used for an extra 6 months per year. The Hybrid Solar Heat Pump Pool Heater (it’s a mouthful!) uses dedicated photovoltaic solar panels for power. The heat pump powers up in the morning when the sun shines (even if it’s cloudy), heating the pool during the day, before turning off in the evening when the sun goes down. The thermal load remains in the pool overnight ensuring it remains a swimmable temperature for most of the year. Flick a switch and the heating pump can become a pool cooler – perfect for places like Darwin or Cairns where you need a refreshing dip in the peak of summer.”


Also on the show this week, we invited Mitchell Whitaker Director from Harvey Norman New Castle and shared Easter Holiday Tech deals. 

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