Life & Technology – 2GB 23rd April, 2022

As we commemorate Anzac Day, we invited Terri -Anne Simmonds Head of Digital Experience Australian War Memorial. Terri-Anne talked about Anzac Day commemorations at the Memorial, and alternatively about Digital Projects the Memorial has developed to help Australians commemorate.

Projects include:
Places of Pride
3D Treasures
Daily live streamed Last Post Ceremony
Social media engagement
You can also search the National Archives for lots more information

A featured item Jeffrey the robot
Wreaths are laid at the Pool of Reflection

Also on the show this week, we invited Hannon Comazzetto Founder and CEO AirRobe

To mark Earth Day, Australian circular fashion start-up AirRobe has pledged to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023. The ambitious goal, supported by over 100 brands, including leading Australian designer Viktoria & Woods aims to encourage more brands to make a commitment to sustainability and take leadership towards a circular ecosystem by joining the movement.  

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