Life & Technology – 2GB 13th November, 2021

This week we invited Professor Hussein Dia, Professor of Future Urban Mobility from Swinburne University of Technology. Professor Hussein discussed about their partnership with Intelematics, to develop a new model that can predict traffic patterns up to 60 minutes ahead of time. 

The model was developed using Hoddle Street – one of Melbourne’s busiest arterial roads that regularly experiences high rates of congestion – as a test case.

Using data collected over a twelve-month period, capturing 70,072 observations about north and southbound traffic, traffic speeds and volumes can now be predicted with over 96 per cent accuracy.

The hope is the model can be used in the next generation of mapping and traffic applications and tools to give drivers better information to plan their journey before they travel.

Also on the show was Ashwin Ram, Cyber Security Expert from the Office of the CTO from Check Point Software who shared some helpful tips in password safekeeping and how to create legacy accounts that you can pass to you loved ones upon your demise. 

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