Life & Technology – 2GB 20th November, 2021

This week we invited Associate Professor Vinh Thai from RMIT University to discuss about the Christmas shopping crisis and why is best to start shopping early. 

“I have no doubt customers in Australia will experience a shortage of products for this Christmas and pay a higher price, especially those that require chips. 

“If you’re thinking about ordering items for Christmas, do so as early as possible.” 

“The current shortage of supply is largely due to a shortage of empty sea-going containers, as most consumer products such as electronics, clothing, and white goods are transported in these containers. 

“Increasing supply capacity requires investment in infrastructure and this takes time. 

Also on the show was Tony Brown, Marketing Manager – Home Entertainment from LG Electronics. Tony shared LG’s latest QNED TV line up. 

When you marry Quantum Dot technology, NanoCell and MiniLED, you get a high contrast image and rich colours – ready to show the full capability of what LG has to offer. The new era for LG LED-backlit TVs is prepared to deliver an all-new experience. 

What makes the colours pop is the power of Mini LEDs. With thousands of Mini LED backlights that deliver high brightness, with precise backlight control and a high contrast ratio. The outcome? A great level of detail and realistic colours. And exactly what you’ll experience watching your favourite streaming apps in Dolby Vision, the most advanced HDR – and available right through the QNED range.  

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LG QNED99 Series 86 inch 8K TV w/ Quantum Dot, NanoCell & Mini LED Technology, 86QNED99TPB