Life and Technology on 2GB

One question that has been dogging me over the past couple of weeks – and I’ve received a few queries about it – is the difference in price of storage devices for you to save files on. For example, you might be able to buy a 1TB storage device for $83, but you might by another for over $200. Obviously there is a reason for this and here are a couple. The more expensive one will more likely than not have faster transfer speeds when saving to the date, so it saves time. You might also get an online back as part of your plan so you can back up your files on the cloud.

Gavin Williams, the Marketing Manager Consumer for Optus, spoke to us about Femtocell , which is a new technology that can allow you to get better reception in your home for your internet and mobile phone.  It is a little base station that is said to use very little power. This is designed for places where you might be in a gully, or for situations where there is drop out. According to Williams, it should give you five-bar coverage no ifs, buts or maybes. You can have up to four people using the device at one time, and pre-register up to 12 phone numbers. It costs $240 outright, but is subsidised for those on Optus plans.

Our product of the week is the Jawbone earphone for mobile phones. It uses military-grade noise suppression technology, and I was mighty impressed by it.