Fourth Generation iPhone On The Today Show

Spoke with Karl this morning about the fourth generation iPhone that is about to come out in July. Karl asked one of the big questions on the lips of an iPhone aficionado “will the battery last longer?” Yes it will! But I guess it had to, because if there were any complaints about previous versions of the unit, then that was a major sticking point.

What else will it offer? Higher resolution video, plus the ability to have video calls to other iPhones, iPod and Mac computers. All great stuff.

However, from a business perspective, I doubt I will be getting one soon. Even though I like the iPhone from a functionality perspective, I still can’t use it in the US due to iPhones locking out access AT&T prepaid SIM cards. I use one of these when I am there to save on call and data costs. I know I can roam on my Australian plan, but who wants to pay the extra cost of doing that? Especially when I can use an unlocked Android based HTC or Samsung, and I have no problems.


No doubt it will sell bucketloads – full a more comprehensive look at the phone check out this article.