2UE and the iPad

I took a 3G-enabled iPad into 2UE to show Steve. He was suitably impressed, but did also mention that there are a lot of units coming out of Taiwan that are very similar to the iPad. Do they have the functionality of the iPad? Hard to say as I haven’t had a play with one, but they do seem to have a lower price point than normal.

Christine wanted to know why her ADSL line kept on dropping out. She has spent over $23,000 on connection fees – with broadband and three mobile phones – and feels like Optus isn’t doing right by her. It sounds like a complicated issue – there are several reasons why it might not be working – from a faulty cable through to being too far from a hub.

Jenny is a mystery shopper and wanted to know a good way to keep her receipts online, but in a portable manner. I suggest she buy a iPhon and download an app called Receipt, which, as the name suggests, will take care of all your receipts!

Sarah wanted to know about a Kindle and if they are available here. They are, but you have to buy them online from Amazon.

Peter was asking about voice recognition software and if it was any good. I have tried a few including one called Dragon. What you do need it patience. It takes time to ‘train’ the software to your voice – about two weeks – but once that happens it is a very useful tool.

Jan was a regular caller who still can’t bluetooth her iPhone to the car. Car manufacturers will blame Apple, and Apple will blame the car manufacturers. It’s s bit of a hit and miss proposition, with my father-in-law having to trade in is Samsung mobile for a Nokia, because the Samsung wouldn’t bluetooth to his car. Pays to check it out before you buy your car or phone.

Lee wanted to know what laptop to get her daughter for school. For between $800-$100 you gets something pretty good from Acer, HP or Toshiba. Make sure it has a decent processor and warranty.