Australia's First True Land Line Busting Option

Optus has just sent word that they are launching a couple of new phone plans that are designed once and for all to allow mobile customers to ditch their land line. From first glance the options look great for anyone one who wants to have access to the internet via the mobile networks and get great value for their voice calls.

Here is the gist of it –

“The new ‘yes’ Timeless $99 (when taken with the $14.95 Mobile Internet Pack)
includes unlimited standard local and national voice calls, standard SMS, MMS and calls made within Australia to GSM mobiles plus 200MB of data which can be used for Optus Zoo and Mobile Internet browsing.”

So, $115 and you get all the local/national calls you can make. Plus all the calls you can make to mobile phones too! I don’t know how a phone company would make money out of such a deal, but that is not our problem is it!

With an option like this you could:
– Move your mobile phone plan to Optus and cancel your home plan.

OR (if you still need your ADSL2+ at home for broadband)

– Change your home internet plan to Naked DSL (such as with Iinet) and you get your fast internet access, and the ability to make international calls at cheap rates through Skype or some other voip provider.