Apple Bigger Than Microsoft

I never thought I would see the day. Back in the late 1990s Apple was sick, Steve Jobs had just returned to running the company and all of a sudden Microsoft’s Bill Gates showed up on a video link up at a Mac event talking with Jobs about buying millions in non-voting Apple stock and promising to continue developing MS Office for the Mac platform. This was a deal that was touted as saving Apple.

How times have changed. Apple now owns the digital music market, has the fastest growing smart phone in the western world and is now quickly owning the personal tablet market with iPad. Their Mac computers are also selling very well. Sure, I don’t use a Mac, iPhone or an iPad (well not yet anyway), but millions do and the success they have achieved has been nothing short of staggering. This is all in just over ten years!

Forget the stock market valuations that say Apple is higher that Microsoft. These are based on share price and how they come to being valued at what they are, you are talkiing to the wrong guy. But it is clear that right now Apple is hot, they sell products people want to buy, they don’t discount and they have moved from an underdog to the ten-tonne gorilla in the corner of the room.