Adult Gaming On the Kerri-Anne Plus 2UE

Appeared on the Kerri-Anne Show to showcase some games for adults. First up was Your Shape, which is part of the exercise gaming fad that is going on at the moment. It uses a camera to check your body shape and then gives you a fitness regime that suits you. We also had a rugby league game that is developed in Australia. It has all the NRL, State of Origin and international teams, so you can climb the NRL or international ladder. Finally we had Sony’s ModNation Racers, which is a cool racing game where you get to set the parameters of what your car and the race track looks like.

Next Friday the iPad will be hitting our store shelves .Steve was wondering about the impact it will have on the tablet marketplace. While initially skeptical, it has to be noted that sales of the device have gone through the roof in the US, so you can probably expect the same here. Other companies will be getting in on the market quick smart, but once again, Apple has beaten all

Had a phone call from George about his broadband. He is a annoyed that there are plenty of deals going around, but he seems to be missing out. His current deal is for 25GB at about $80, yet his brother who lives 10 doors down the road gets a better deal. He said the when he went to ask TPG about a broadband deal he was interested in having, they mentioned a ‘slambar’, and therefore could not do a deal. I think he meant d-Slam, which is when other ISP’s put their own equipment in Testra’s exchange and then charge end users for doing so. Not all ISP’s have equipment in all the exchanges, so if TPG doesn’t have equipment near his exchange, then it is not possible to help.

Max was wondering about an LCD or LED considering he wants to put it in a well-lit room. An LED will make the panel a lot brighter and will not use as much power, so it might not be as suitable. All the big vendors are worth a look, especially the like of LG and Samsung, who are probably trying to get rid of the September 2009 stock, while don’t dismiss the Panasonic Viera plasmas, which could also has a power down button.

Anthony was trying to record old VCR tapes to DVD via a computer on the fly. He was trying to use a capture card, USB adapter but has not been successful at doing in on the fly. The only way I know how to do it is a straight capture onto a C drive and then mounting onto the DVD. One of the reasons to do it that way is because the transition on the hard drive is smoother than straight to DVD. If anybody knows anything better, then I would love to know!

Yule wanted to know more about an iPhone app that he thinks allows your iPhone to be a remote control with your consumer electronic’s gear. With more than 130,000 Apple apps on the market, I don’t know enough about this one. In saying that, if it does what I think it would do, then what a great little application it would be.