2UE With Steve Liebmann: CES

Spoke with Steve Liebmann about CES and the different technologies that came out of the show. Talked about 3D TV of course, which is already mentioned several times recently on the blog, while e-Readers are going to huge this year. There will be a stoush between Google, Amazon and Barnes and Noble over content, let alone the vendors trying to push their latest product in this ever increasing space.

Had a few calls today. Les was wondering about digital television and when it was going to go ahead. He asked because he needed to know when to get ready for the roll out. I do know that analogue is being switched off in 2013 and that varying towns, cities and states are turning off gradually over that time. I’d suggest getting a television with a built-in digital receiver or a set-top box.

Raymond is having a problem with sending his email in that it keeps on sending the file but is not leaving his out box. I think it is a problem with his server not telling his client (in this case Outlook) that the file has been sent. I suggested he download Thunderbird and have a crack at sending his emails that way. If that doesn’t solve the problem, he should give me a call next week on the show and I’ll suggest another avenue.

Finally, there was Friday who was having problems opening wmv files that were part of her incoming emails. One thing you can do is open the file in VLC (if a file doesn’t open, usually a prompt appears asking you how you would like to open it and will give you a choice, one being VLC). Other than that I think Friday has probably got an older version wmv and needs to upgrade.