CES On The Today Show

Clip courtesy of the The Today Show

Spoke with Cameron about the big stories at CES 2010 this year. By far the thing that everybody seemed to be talking about was 3D television, which will take off this year.

Traditionally with 3D movies you had to wear a pair of glasses, and while this is still the case with most televisions, some vendors have it so that if you sit at a certain angle from the TV you won’t need them.

Some televisions will also be able to upscale your current DVD collection from 2D to 3D. In America, ESPN and the Discovery Channel are going one step further by creating 3D content off the bat.

Also at CES was the Entourage Edge, which is both an Ebook and Netbook. And therefore deal for students at school. It is about the size of a small exercise book and weighs under 1.5 kg. You open it up like a book and on left is Kindle-like Ebook reader while on the right is a PC. This means you can download books and read them on one side, or surf the net, make documents and watch movies on the other.

Another little gadget that caught my eye was the Sony Dash personal internet viewer. Throw out your alarm clock, and welcome in the new decade. This will wake you up in the morning, then tell you the weather, the traffic on the freeway to work, read out your emails, your first appointment schedule and then it will give you the overnight financial details!

It’s small, sexy and connects to the internet easily. It has a 7-inch colour touch screen, which is a tablet designed for Internet use and comes with over 1000 free internet applications including news, sports, weather. It can also act as an alarm as you can set the alarm to play videos to wake you up.