2UE With Steve Leibmann – Next G Wireless Modem + Questions

I talked to Steve about Telstra’s new Next G wireless modem, which has doubled the throughput of information for the internet. What they have done is a very limited release to certain parts of the country, and it will roll out over the rest of the country soon – and it is fast! Telstra says they are ramping up its home support service, which will be interesting to see if it works out – the cynic in me says I’ve heard this all before. But, this is the 21st century.

Tracey was asking about iPod Touch and whether they won’t be redundant within a year. The new iPod Nano could be the go, because it is a little cheaper than the Touch. 

Joan is buying HP Pavilion DV6 laptop and wanted to know what it was like and also mentioned extended warranties and are they worth it. HP is a solid build quality which is important, so the brand is fine. About extended warranty, there is a lot of merit in it, whether you go through the credit card company or buy it from the store is the thing you need to look at. Joan also asked about a prepaid broadband wireless stick. There are two companies that offer a good service – Telstra and Optus of course. I would caution that Joan enquire about a cooling off period in case it doesn’t work.

Louis said he is computer illiterate but that his wife and son are always fighting over the computer so was looking at getting a slate-like device. You already have the iPad, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is being launched overnight,  so there are more choices out there. Louis was looking at a generic brand on Ebay, which is more likely than not a copy of similar products. They are quite cheap, but are they reliable? Louis said it runs Android 2.1, which is Google’s operating system, so you have to look at the hardware aspects, too.

Jayani’s  PC packed up about two weeks ago, and she has been using her Toshiba laptop, and everybody uses it. However, it went into hibernating mode, and laptops are supposed to be able to operate 24 hours a day. Dissipation of heat is important, so it could be overheating and switching off, or it could have lost its power.

Russell was thinking of purchasing a laptop and wanted to know if he was going to get an extended warranty on his new Toshiba. If it is going to sit on your desk and not move, then you shouldn’t have any problems with it. My father-in-law had an extended warranty on a television and two months before it ran out the unit went bust, and he got a refund, so sometimes it’s worth it.

Chris has a problem with Skype and he can’t use the Skype to phone feature, but even Skype don’t know how to fix it. He can hear them, but they can’t hear him. He even tried another computer, but that didn’t work. Try MyNet Phone and see if they work. If that works, then it must be a Skype problem, and not a computer issue (mind you, having tried two computers  already, it does sound like a Skype issue).

Glen has a Skype account and is going overseas on a different computer and wanted to know if he had to install the software again. Yes he does, but then he just signs in with his user name and password.