2GB – VoIP Technology and Today Show – Best Apps

I spoke to Rene Sugo who is a cofounder of Mynetfone a VoIP provider. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol , which is a way of making phone calls over the internet.

Rene gave listeners a heads up about what it is all about and what you need. First of all, you need a broadband internet connection from any service provider as long as it is good quality connection. Then you need what is called a gateway, which you plug into the connection and that is it. It is very easy to set up as most of these gateways are what are called ‘plug-and-play’, which as the name suggest is just a matter of plugging the device in and it is ready to go.

Although I use VoIP in the office, and it is cheaper, one of the challenges I have is that it needs a dedicated broadband connection – ie if somebody starts downloading music or a big file at the same time it tends to affect the line. This is because you tend to share the broadband with other items that need downloading etc. Rene suggested that you don’t download videos if you are making a call, or get the fastest possible broadband connection.

One benefit that people don’t think about is that everybody in the household can have their own phone number, so if there is an incoming call you can see if it is for you, or another member of the family. You can get different ring tones for different members of the family and you can get voicemail, which can be forwarded to your email address or mobile.

I also had a lot of queries about the free registry cleaner. While it is not top of the line, it certainly will do the trick. Click on this link to take you the download page.

Also, on the Today Show we highlighted some new shopping applications:

Coles Shopmate – designed for Coles customers

  • Allows you to plan your shopping buy making a list of items you want
  • You can scan product bar codes
  • Will update weekly to give you specials that are on at the supermarket
  • Find your nearest Coles store (handy if you are on holiday)
  • Provides a range of new recipes that are always being updated
  • Shopping mode lets you cross off items as you add them to your trolley
  • Some people have complained that their local Coles is not on the app
  • Free

Touch Closet

  • Allows you to put your entire wardrobe on your Apple device
  • Take a picture of the item of clothing and then categorise it – ie dresses, pants, jewellery etc
  • You then upload pictures to device
  • Allows you to create outfits by moving the pictures around – see what works and what doesn’t
  • You can organise by brand and keep a record of when you last wore item
  • Gives you an over view of all your clothes so you will know if you have too many tops/dresses/pairs of jeans etc
  • $9.95


  • Can compare one million products from over 600 retailers
  • View product images and details
  • Recommend products to friends via email
  • Will give list of retailer and how to get there
  • Says it will deliver thousands of product comparisons within seconds
  • Ability to search by key word
  • Free