2GB Talking About Slates and ISPs

I spoke with 2GB tennis reporter who gave us his practical experiences with the Blackberry Playbook as he travels around the world covering tennis.

He found the slate both good and bad. The good? He liked the size of it and it feels solid, which is pretty important if you are travelling from country to country. It has a seven-inch screen and it meets most of his needs. He found the service from Blackberry unbelievably good and he also said that it is a lot of fun to use.  It is excellent of email (which is one of the big pluses for any Blackberry product) and he also found when using wifi it connected easily to all phone providers. Faults he had with the unit was that it is a bit slow starting up. Also the on/off button is a bit irritating, which reinforces what we said about it when we reviewed it for CyberShack. He also said he couldn’t sync his contacts from his laptop to his Playbook unless he uses the Blackberry phone.

My Product of the Week is the Toshiba’s AT100 tablet that has a 16GB of storage and has full sized HDMI port and Full SD card slots which other slates don’t have – so can add heaps more storage and connect to HD TV /PC. It also has a removable battery, so if the battery goes bung you can replace it.

The prize this week was the Plantronics – Voyager Pro+ Bluetooth headset, which has an array of features including dual noise-cancelling mics, it utilises noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset technology, has a talk time of six hours, a standby time of 120 hours and costs $159.