2GB on Sunday Feb 27th

Had a tonne of phone calls and some interesting subjects were discussed.

We are putting together a story about these people  that are calling home owners telling them that their computer has a problem and for X amount of dollars they will fix it for you. Even our producer on 2GB, Lesley, got a call from these guys. It was a bit of a worry that they knew her name, and where they got that information from is probably the most worrying aspect of the call. She did the right thing by hanging up on them.

Spoke with Steve Rust from Panasonic about eco-friendly consumer electronic goods. A new study done by the company shows that while people like the idea of buying eco-friendly gear, the closer they get to the register, the less likely they are to care. The study showed that people were most interested in the environmental impact of white goods over televisions and cameras.

I was also going to talk about how to clean your registry on your computer to make your PC run faster. I ran out of time, but promise I will tell you next week, so tune in!