2GB – February 9 – Talking E-Waste With Harvey Norman

Charlie spoke to Harvey Norman about an initiative it has whereby you can trade in your old laptop or desktop computer and they will give you $100 voucher towards a new PC valued at over $499. They also say that the company they use to recycle the old gear puts less than one percent in landfill.

With that in mind we also spoke to Aman Chand from Trend Micro who told us about clearing out all your files permanently from your computer if you are going to recycle it. Trend Micro has a piece of security software called Titanium Maximum Security. which has a feature called “secure erase\”, which will get rid of your files.

Also, Harvey Norman recycle programme will run until February 18th. Check for more information here.

If you missed Charlie\’s show, here is a link to the podcast.