How To Protect Your Family Computer From Net Nasties

The Conficker Virus, one of the world’s most virulent PC viruses that is said to have infected up to 3 million PC’s, is set to be let loose tomorrow on April Fool’s day. However, this horrible little creature is no laughing matter. With this in mind we thought we’d give you the head’s up on how to protect your family when you are using your PC.

First of all, be aware that malicious malware and spyware can come in many different forms, the most common being via email Email viruses are usually addressed to you personally and come with an attachment. People unwittingly open the email and then the attachment. Once the attachment is open it is too late, your computer is infected.

Poor firewall security is another way for your computer to be open to attack. A firewall is there to protect you against unauthorised entry to or from a private network. Problems arise when your firewall has not been configured correctly.

Phishing is another one to watch out for. People who phish aren’t intent on infecting your computer, they are more interested in getting personal information that they can use to their advantage. They send out emails posing as reputable organisations (such as banks, building societies etc), and ask for personal information such as passwords, credit cards details. They will even go so far as to set up a fake website that is very similar to the corporate entity they are mimicking.


Protecting yourself against malware, spyware and making sure your firewall is protected can be fixed easily with the likes of Norton 360 Version 3 security software. This particular package is easy to set up and use and can be installed quickly. As well as malware and spyware, it helps defend against botnets, identify theft and automatically backs up your files.

With phishing, just be very careful when you receive emails that are asking for personal information. Banking and other financial institutions will not ask for passwords over email, which should immediately set of alarm bells. They also never ask for credit card details, after all, with banks especially, they should already have that information on file.

If you have any questions relating to keeping your family’s PC safe, please leave a comment below.

Gadgets On Today – Monday, March 30th

This morning Cam and I put a heap of new digital image technologies through their paces. Take a look at these new products and don’t be shy to ask any questions!

Olympus Digital Camera – now with Beauty Mode

How would you like a camera that includes a setting that automatically makes you look more beautiful? Well it exists and it’s here!

The Olympus MjuTough 8000 features:
– 12 mega pixel capture
– Image stabilisation
– Waterproof to 10 metres
– Drop proof to three metres

However it’s the ‘Beauty Mode’ that’s bound to turn heads. Flick the camera setting to this new mode when shooting and it automatically removes, or at least tones down,
facial blemishes,
and bags under the eyes!
Beauty mode is available now on a range of Olympus cameras including the Mju Tough 8000.

RRP $599

Pelican 1495 Briefcase – now for laptop PCs

Thefts of laptops are a big issue all over the world. Every day thousands of laptops are stolen from inside your car, home or even when having that all-important business lunch. The cost of replacing the machine is annoying, but the real damage can be the loss of stored information, which can be irreplaceable.

Pelican manufacture a series of strong cases that are durable and secure. They are used by all sorts of companies and organisations, in particular the US Military, for transporting expensive equipment (weapons, computers and video equipment) in rugged areas (such as Afghanistan). Now you can get their laptop cases in Australia.

Pelican cases are waterproof, lockable, chainable to the boot of your car, pressure sealed and light.

The 1495 model shown in the program is $550, but is the premium unit with others costing less. It includes an air pressure switch that equalises air pressure should you open and close the case at altitude, then want to open it again when you land.

$550 is the targeted price, they’re available at Mac1 Stores.

Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera Mask –

Taking photo’s while you’re snorkelling or swimming just got easier with a camera and mask in one!

Wear it like a normal mask and look through the cross hairs on the glass to aim the camera.
Then push the trigger button on the left side of the mask to take piccies of what you see. Camera has 5 megapixels, and when added with a 2 gigabyte SD card, will take about 2000 images.

The Mask Camera will also take video clips of what see under water too!

The mask has a depth of 5 metres. – RRP $160

Photosynth –

If you love travelling but the credit crunch is keeping you at home, download ‘Photosynth’. This is a software program for your PC that allows you to look up well-known places that others have visited and photographed.

The photos are collaborated into one image to give you a 3-D view of the location. You can pan left and right, zoom in and out. The more photos of the location the better the viewing experience.

This program is free and is a collaboration between Microsoft and Photosynth.

Twitter on Today – 23rd March, 2009

The Today Show has launched their very own Twitter profile and page! With this development it is even easier to be kept up to date with what is going on with the show, during and after it’s gone to air.

We discussed Twitter through out this mornings program and focused our attention on the benefits of using it, how to get to the Today Show Twitter page and also how you can get into Twitter too.

Twitter is all about short blog posts about what you are doing right now. Many of you responded, ‘who cares about what you are doing right now’, and to some extent I agree. However, we also discussed how people whose lives have been turned upside down have used Twitter as a channel to communicate quickly and directly to the world. Twittering has taken place during the Victorian Bushfires, the bombing of Lebanon and many more. Twitter is fast becoming a a searchable channel where regular people are up-dating all of us about what they see going on in the world.

To try Twitter for yourself, visit and make sure you also visit my Twitter page – Click Here

If you have any questions about Twitter, fire them at me. I will be blogging all day.