Today Show – Labour Weekend

Clip courtesy of the Today Show

Had a couple of goes at the Today Show over the weekend. First of all on Saturday I talked about quite a few gadgets

We had a couple of games on hand, which I’m sure will interest the kids. We had a Toy Story game, which includes a 3D bonus level, as well as a variety of mini games and up to 10 shooting galleries, just like at the fair.

Then there was a Disney Sing It, which is a little like Sing Star where you become the singer and the star. There are a variety of teen stars you can become as you try and outsing your competition to become a superstar.

Just at the tail end of the season, a couple of games for sporty types called NRL Rugby League Challenge and AFL Challenge, which is brought to us by the same people who brought out the NRL and ARL mascots games. This is the real deal though, whereby you can play each team throughout a season and make your way to the Grand Final.

Then there was the Twilight Football whereby you push a button and the ball lights up so you can play soccer during the night hours. It’s one way to get kids off their butts during the summer months! Finally, in Saturday we had an electric car for toddlers to ride in. It can be radio controlled by a parent, but also the child can control it, too. It even has the ability to play MP3s.

On Sunday we had Cameron and Leila fighting it out with the Guitar Hero game. It was a close fought thing but Cameron won out in the end. It was a lot of fun, and while I have never really played Guitar Hero, I can see why it is so popular.

Then on Monday I had a couple of gadgets lined up. First is the Veriton Hornet, which is part of the Acer range of computers. This PC sits nicely on the back of a monitor, so it doesn’t take up much froon. Not only that, but Acer claims it runs 43 percent more efficiently than similar PCs, and it also has an HDMI output so can be connected to an LCD or plasma television.

Finally there was the Nikon projector camera. It is claimed to be the first compact digital in the world to include a projector as part of the package. It’s not a top-notch projector, but it is one whereby you can share your holiday slides with your friends while on holiday. It also has a skin softening function and a smile timer that releases the shutter when a person smiles. However, the camera itself offers up 12.1 megapixel resolution. Not bad.