2UE With Steve Price October 8

Steve mentioned the World Cyber Games, which are being held at the Beyond LAN Cafe in Sydney’s CBD. This is like the Olympics of gaming, and the winners of the Samsung World Cyber Games National Finals will be going to China to compete in the World Finals. Hope to see you there, especially if you are a gaming fan.

Also spoke about Pipe International, a little Australian company with big plans to revolutionise the internet by providing cheaper broadband, due to a cable it has laid from Australia to Guam. Already the likes of ISP provider Internode has reduced its prices due to the new cable, which goes live today.
Donna called to say that her sons had saved up enough money to buy their own iPod Touch media devices. Donna was worried that they could access the internet. They can, and I suggested to her that maybe they should spend their money on something else, especially if she is concerned that they might be accessing the internet without her knowledge.

Monica wanted to know how to retrieve an email if it was sent accidentally. This is something that happens from time to time, and can be very embarrassing. However, there is not much you can do about it. Some email programs allow you to issue a recall, but that doesn’t actually stop the email, just lets the person know you don’t want them to read it. However Monica was concerned that the attachment she had put on the email would be too big for her friend to download as he was still on dial up. A solution for her friend is to go into here where he can put in his email address and password, and then delete the attachment. Certainly save a lot of time if he is on dial up.

Eddie was wondering if there was enough space on his Foxtel IQ box to record Bathurst. A Foxtel box holds anywhere between 8-16 hours of storage, so as long as there is that amount available, it should be no problem.

Neil was looking for a portable laptop/notebook/netbook that had GPS capabilities and be capable of sending and receiving emails and not much else. There is the latest Dell Insprison, which might be not as small as he wanted

Finally, Chris was wondering about sound drop out on his new full HD plasma TV. This seems to have been a problem for some time with digital signals falling out. Now, people have been asking me for solutions, and I get the impression they hope it won’t involve anybody else. Living in a remote location, being surrounded by mountains, or living near high rise buildings aside, if you are having problems, then it seems you have get an aerial technician in to help. Most will groan at this, but this is the only solution. They have a meter that will measure the signal strength, but more importantly he or she will have a solution for those annoying dropouts.