Wickr On The Today Show

Spoke on the Today Show about an app for your iPhone that uses encrypted software so that the traces of information you leave when you are surfing the net or texting on your smartphone are not available to third parties. In fact, the developer of the app goes so far as to say that if you download the app “you can leave no trace” of where you have been.

It is designed to bring piece of mind to those people who believe that corporations and government have too much access to what we consider to be private information.

It has been developed by security experts and has a couple of interesting features, including:

  • have in the ability to have sender-based control over who can read messages, where they read them and for how long
  • the best available privacy, anonymity and anti-forensic feagture; and
  • military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages.

Does this mean that anything you do and say on your iPhone will never be recoverable? No, nobody can guarantee that, but this app looks like it will make things a lot more harder for people to do so, which is a good thing for those who value their privacy.

While only available for the iPhone at the moment, the developer says and Android version is in the works. For more information and to download the app go to www.mywickr.com.