Why I signed up to DODO Internet

Why I signed up to DODO Internet

I was at the post office for whatever reason and saw a usb modem deal. Buy a Dodo usb modem, and get 12 months data at 250meg a month, all for $99. What an awesome deal I thought.

The media company I run regularly has need for mobile internet access, and hedging for 12 months of access for $100 seemed like a pretty safe bet. There was one problem though.

It was a Dodo product.

I don’t mean to trash Dodo, but if there is one company that is active in the internet service provider space that is discussed negatively, it is DODO. ‘Dodo Sucks’, ‘Dodo are the worst company ever…..’ for whatever reason. I have heard all the comments. I even had my Dad have his own experience with them that made me shake my head in disbelief.

But the feeling I had as I stood in line at the post office pondering whether this was a solution or a nightmare I was buying into, was this:

  • The product is cheaper than others
  • It was prepaid, so there were no chance my card could be over charged
  • The network Dodo use is the Optus Open Network, it is not as good as Telstra NextG, but at the same time it is not as bad as Vodafone.
  • Finally, I wanted to complain about Dodo to, everyone else was, so I wanted to be able to be part of the crowd, and have my own negative Dodo experience to tell everyone about!

So I bought the modem. I then rang the support line to activate, 24 hours they said. I waited 24 hours and nothing happened. ‘Oh no, I knew I was signing up to a nightmare’. I rang the call center (in the Phillipines again) and they had not registered my activation. ’24 hours to activate’, they said. Another 24 hours and Hey, Presto – it worked.

The service was fast, and as I was travelling around the country filming for CyberShackTV that week I was connecting in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It was great, the service was cheap and every time I ran out of data (and that was only once), I simply logged onto my account and added my data, with the additional amounted crediting to the account instantly.

Yep, Dodo was fantastic, albeit with a minor teething problem to begin and now, everytime we begin a new series of CyberShackTV, I log on to customer account backend, add some data and hand the usb stick to my producer who plugs it into their laptop and off they go. Easy and inexpensive.

This is what mobile internet is meant to be.

How about you, has it been plain sailing for you and Dodo?