Which is best; Plasma or LCD?

Hi All, had a great time on the Steve Price program this morning. Thanks to those who called in. Below is a summary of what we discussed today. If you have any queries or want your say don’t forget to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP

Plasma Vs LCD and Pricing

We had a couple of calls about plasma televisions and LCDs, and which is the best. This is an argument that has been around since both technologies entered the mainstream. While I’m a champion of the LCD, this doesn’t necessarily mean the plasma screen doesn’t have its place. Once you go over 42-inch screens it can be debatable which screen is the best. Certainly under 42-inch I think the refresh rate of the LCD is better.
I was also asked about costs of screens coming down due to the current economic crisis. I don’t believe they are coming down due to those circumstances. I think it is has more to do with exchange rates and retailers trying to get rid of older stock before the latest ranges become available in the near future.

LG Arena

We touched lightly on the LG Arena phone that is coming out soon. I’ve already had a look at it, and think it’s great. If you are thinking of upgrading, I’d seriously consider checking it out

Digital Radio

We touched very briefly on digital radio, which is being rolled out soon. What will it mean for you? In a nutshell more radio stations, with cleaner signal and more content. This does NOT mean the end of analogue radio. Analogue still has to service the rural/regional areas of Australia, so until the whole country can get the digital signal, analogue will still be around.

SIM Cards
Also a call about SIM cards that can be used overseas. I recommend you shop around because there are some out there that can be used for roaming. There is the Dualism phone that became available at the beginning of the year that allows you to have two SIM cards in the phone at once – one for Australia and one for overseas.