We are back online!

The last seven days this website and others published by CBN Media have been off-line.

The issue was noticed by our team on Thursday last week and at the time we lodged technical support query with our managed server provider GoDaddy. Over the last seven days we have been in daily contact with GoDaddy as to the planned reactivation of our service. Each day we were told our issue was being ‘looked at’, ‘worked on’ or ‘escalated’. Unfortunately, during this period our websites remained off-line.

As of this morning, we have noticed the websites are once again active and all service disruptions have ceased. We are yet to hear from GoDaddy as to the cause of the issue. We have noticed that domestic and international media reporting a major security breach of the GoDaddy account service. This breach was reported by GoDaddy to authorities late last month. We don’t know whether our managed server incident and this wider GoDaddy incident are related, and regardless the breach to the GoDaddy account service occurred in October 2019.

As such, we don’t see any issues relating to any data residing on our managed server at this time.

That is the update and we are pleased that we can now get back to publishing great content once again.