Vodafone and Optus Join Forces On The Today Show

I spoke with Karl on the Today Show about a new arrangement that Vodafone and Optus have whereby they share aspects of their mobile service network. What both companies are trying to do is help each other eliminate black spots on each of their networks. With Telstra having the best coverage by far, both Vodafone and Optus have been behind the eight ball as far as getting just as much comprehensive coverage.

While some might be worried about anti-competitiveness if Optus and Vodafone joining forces, don’t be. I think the ACCC will not allow it to happen, and at its most basic, this deal means instead of Optus and Vodafone building more towers, they just attach their transmitters to each other’s towers, which are already up.

What I see this as being also an opportunity for both Optus and Vodafone to test the waters with their upcoming release of the 4G spectrum. Telstra already has 4G, so expect a telco war for customers to heat up real soon.