Twitter on Today – 23rd March, 2009

The Today Show has launched their very own Twitter profile and page! With this development it is even easier to be kept up to date with what is going on with the show, during and after it’s gone to air.

We discussed Twitter through out this mornings program and focused our attention on the benefits of using it, how to get to the Today Show Twitter page and also how you can get into Twitter too.

Twitter is all about short blog posts about what you are doing right now. Many of you responded, ‘who cares about what you are doing right now’, and to some extent I agree. However, we also discussed how people whose lives have been turned upside down have used Twitter as a channel to communicate quickly and directly to the world. Twittering has taken place during the Victorian Bushfires, the bombing of Lebanon and many more. Twitter is fast becoming a a searchable channel where regular people are up-dating all of us about what they see going on in the world.

To try Twitter for yourself, visit and make sure you also visit my Twitter page – Click Here

If you have any questions about Twitter, fire them at me. I will be blogging all day.