Today Show – What is the Cloud?

Spoke to Karl on the Today Show about Cloud technology. At its most basic, the Cloud is a way for you to store information online instead of, or as well as, on a hard drive.

I talked about Smart Safe, which is the Optus service that allows you to back up information from you phone – contacts, pics, etc – so you can download them later if you lose your phone or the operating sytsem crashes.

Then there is SkyDrive from Microsoft, which gives you 25GB of data capacity – it is for free, although if you want more storage you have to pay for i t. It only allows files of up to 50MB, which means your home movie files need to be small.

There are also a couple of paid solutions available, too. Karl did ask if it was safe? Well, yes and no. The security on these cloud storage solutions is pretty good. I’m sure some super hacker might be able to break into it, but whether they would, or break the comprehensive security put in place, I wouldn’t hazard a guess.