Today Show Weekend – Digital TV

Clip courtesy of the Nine Network Australia


2009 is the year of digital TV, with Channel 9 rolling out its latest channel – GO! – that is aimed at the 19-39 demographic. Had a chat to Cam on the Weekend Today Show on Saturday about the new channel and digital technology.



I know I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog and the Cybershack website, but I need to reiterate it again – in order to receive digital television you will have to have a television with a digital tuner built into it, a set top box, or a PVR such as a Beyonwiz, iTopfield or TiVo unit.



I would also suggest you make sure it is an HD set top box, and not SD (SD) – HD means you get better pictures and better sound. Also, if you get an SD-only box you won’t be able to watch HD channels, which means you’ll miss out on extra channels and services. You will also need to scan your digital tuner to pick up new channels. This is really easy. You hit the Set-Up button on your remote and it will scan the channels and pick them up for you – it should take about 10 minutes.



So, there you have it – digital television at the touch of a couple of buttons.