Today Show – Smart Televisions From IFA

Spoke with Karl on the Today Show this morning about some of the latest smart television technologies that are being show-cased at the consumer electronic out of the IFA Expo in Berlin, Germany.

This technology is the next step in the evolution of televisions, and while they certainly look impressive, so is the price. I’m just hoping the early adopters get stuck in and buy them by the bucket load so as to drive demand up, but the price down.

Here’s the run down:

LG 84-inch UDTV


  • The world’s first 84 inch UDTV from LG
  • Has a resolution four times higher than Full HD. (LG UD 3840 x 2160) vs. (Full HD 1920 x 1080)
  • Equal to four 42 inch TVs, will give you a breathtaking viewing experience
  • 50W audio bursting from 2.2 speakers, LG’s UDTV boasts two woofers
  • LG’s UDTV also features CINEMA 3D passive technology, allowing you to recreate the wonder of 3D at the cinema,
  • You can now enjoy a 3D experience that is comfortable and flicker-free
  • Early November
  • TBA


Samsung OLED TV


  • OLED uses a single light output is controlled on a pixel-to-pixel basis
  • OLED provides improved colour accuracy, response time 1000x faster than conventional LED
  • OLED is produced from a single pane of glass to deliver exceptional picture quality and thinness
  • Samsung Smart Hub – offers video on demand apps like Foxtel, Quickflix, ABCiView, and BigPond Movies. Games like Angry Birds and communications tools like Skype, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Samsung’s Human Interaction – intuitive Voice, Motion and Face Recognition controls
  • Available Prior to Xmas
  • Hopefull y for Under $10,000