Today Show – New Broadband Plans

I was on the Today Show with Karl this morning, and he recently noticed his internet speed had slowed right down and called Optus to find out what plan would be better as his contract was up for renewal.

He found out that he could get twice as much downloads for the same price and the speed was significantly faster. He was surprised to find out that there were better options but he would not have been alerted to the fact had he not rung up to inquire about it.

So we did a little research using three providers – Optus, Telstra and iiNet – and found out the price comparisons from 2009 compared to 2012. It made for interesting feedback. Bear in mind the speeds are now a lot faster, too. Here are the comparisons:

Plans 2009

$29.99 2GB
$39.99 5GB
$49.99 7GB
$59.99 15GB
$99.99 30GB

Plans 2012

$39.99 30GB Plan10GB peak/20GB off-peak
$49.99 120GB Plan 50GB Peak/70GB off-peak
$59.99 150GB Plan 75GB Peak/75GB off-peak

$69.99 500GB plan 250GB Peak/250GB off-peak

Plans 2009

$29.95 BigPond Liberty 2GB
$49.95 BigPond Liberty 12GB

$69.95 BigPond Liberty 25GB

$89.95 BigPond Liberty 50GB

$109.95 BigPond Liberty 100GB
$159.95 BigPond Liberty 200GB


$29.95 BigPond Elite 5GB
$49.95 BigPond Elite 50GB
$69.95 BigPond Elite 200GB
$89.95 BigPond Elite 500GB

Plans 2009

29.95 Home 1 2GB Peak plus 2GB off-peak
$39.95 Home 2 5GB Peak plus 7GB off-peak
$49.95 Home 3 10GB Peak plus 25GB off-peak

$59.95 Home 4 22GB Peak plus 30GB off-peak

$69.95 Home 5 25GB Peak plus 45GB off-peak
$99.95 Home 6 50GB Peak plus 70GB off-peak
$129.95 Home 7 70GB Peak plus 90GB off-peak


$29.95 10GB Peak/10GB off-peak 
$49.95 100GB Peak/100GB off-peak 
$69.95 200GB Peak/200GB off-peak
$99.95 500GB Peak/500GB off-peak