Today Show – Latest iPod Gear

Released today were new versions of the iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch. What caught my eye with the Nano is its new video function. Say what you like about Apple – whether you like them or not – they no how to spot a trend. With YouTube uploads taking off, expect a whole lot more from Apple lovers.



It also has a built-in pedometer, which will probably not be of great news to CE companies in that market. Realising that a lot of people use their iPod while exercising, Apple has added this feature so people can also know how many calories they are burning and helps keep up with their training regime. 2UE
Spoke about the iPods, but also talked about the latest PS3 from Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s smaller, cheaper and has a bigger hard drive than other versions of the console. However, to make it cheaper they have had to sacrifice some aspects, one being the backward compatibility with the PS2. So if you still have your PS2 and a stack of games, make sure you keep it because you won’t be able to play them on the new PS3.


Steve also talked about Rock Band: The Beatles, being distributed by EA. For Beatles fans it puts you right in the picture as a member of the Fab Four. It comes with 45 songs, but apparently there will be more being added from time to time.


Had a few calls. Trevor wanted to know how to convert MMS files from his daughter’s phone to his phone so he could see pics of his grandkids. Turns out that the MMS format is not supported. Will try and look into a solution for this, but if anybody has one, leave a message and we’ll pass it on.


Matt wanted to know what is best – plasma or LCD. Have been asked this question a few times lately, and I’m a fan of the LCD. Two years ago, there were some issues with the bigger units, but I’m all for the technology at the moment.


Rob emailed the show and wanted to know about the Blackberry Storm. Avoid like the plague I say! You can find plenty of other good phones like the Samsung Icon, iPhone or HTC Dream.